Saturday, August 1, 2009

Travel - Part 2 - Reaching Shirdi

As usual before departure on this long and tiring journey , I began feeling like that I should just remain at home, the thought that I will be coming out of my comfort zone was not very comforting to me. Well even though I was feeling extremely lazy , it was inevitable now. Even though I had wanted to undertake this so much , I was having second thoughts !!

So as I had wanted so much , I finally managed to pick up my lazy bones and went to Nai Sarak in Delhi to buy books on Tamil/Telugu. That was a very bad time to go , with Delhi raining fire and half the roads closed due to 'Shiv Kavads'. Though I was happy I had to make so much effort to get these books that I though I would finally read them to learn a bit of these languages.

Finally we boarded the train from Nizammudin. I found out that the train halts at Kopargaon, which was nearer to Shirdi than Manmad. So we decide to alight there. This train journey was not a routine as I finally made good use of the Diary given to me by Jimmy as a birthday present. I spend most of my time writing some of the entries of this blog. That was real nice thing and it helped me to pass my time very comfortably.

Well it so happens that one of my co-passenger was quite interesting. He said the people coming to pay their respects to Sai Baba has recently increased since the TV show on Sai Baba has started. I found that to be true and that seems to be case with my mother also. Well one more bitter experience he told us that , once while in Shirdi his son was very sick and he wanted some warm water for his son, but nobody was willing to give him that even though he was willing to spend a lot of money for that and he was so pissed off with that he never went to Shirdi again. Well I did not say anything to that person. Later this thing ringed my mind , I thought that I did not react anything because I reflect upon thinks rather than react to them !! I thought that maybe a staunch devotee of Sai Baba would have said that , " This was a test for you , you did some thing before that you got this hardship in your life ."

We had our tickets only till Manmad and Kopargaon was the next station. We were told before we got down that tickets would be checked there , but that did not bother me , I thought we had tickets. But as soon as I saw the Ticket Checker , I realized that my ticket is till the last station and we could be fined something for that. Somehow we managed to evade two of them !!! .

Reaching outside the Railway station , the scene was problematic for us. Normally the people going to Shirdi were in large groups and each group was was hiring a 7 seater for going from Kopargaon, we had quite sometime finding 2 seats in a vehicle , and I was worried that if we did not do that in time and most of the arrived people leave then we will have to wait till the next train arrives because these auto won't go until they are full.

Reaching Shirdi was about half an half affair. We stopped at near Main Temple gait and from there went on to see a few hotels and took room in one.

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