Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beagle Board & Hawk Board

I am sick with writing about that Travel Memories, so something fresh is the need of the hour.

Some months back EFY(Electronics For You) carried an article about Open Source Hardware and Beagle Board was the main focus for that. Since my interest lied in getting a DSP Board for implementing my Final Year Project, so I kept Beagle Board at the back of my mind. Sometime Later when I searched on net about it, I was hooked with this tiny sexy looking board with a ton of features !!!
(Btw I am trying to get access to an Analog DSP Board for the project work)

Beagle Board is a Fan Less Single Board Computer based on TI's OMAP 35x processor.

leaving aside the specs, its clear that this small board 8cm*8cm packs a lot of punch. This offers an opportunity to port a OS on this Board and do all the mouth watering interesting stuffs and Electronics guy would love to do. For me it offers a leap up from the world of Microcontrollers to OS level designs.

As usual after getting hooked up to this, I tried to go through several resources online and found that in India, the cheapest supplier is IDASystems , the present cost being Rs 9K , w/o any thing else other than the board itself.

Later on I digged one more interesting thing - The Hawk Board. This is also a SBC, but based on less powerful OMAP L 138. Right now this board is under development and will be available in near future.

The Best part about Hawk Board is that first it has a VGA port meaning , a normal person need not buy a separate HDMI capable monitor for displaying from Beagle Board, and also it has Ethernet port(RJ45) and the best but not the least it might cost less than half of Beagle Board !!!

But I think if am able to arrange for an HDMI monitor than I am going to buy a Beagle Board soon rather than Hawk Board(since I feel open source support for Beagle Board is more dominant)

I am so much wanting to do some Real Time Image processing on Beagle Board.

Any new developments will be posted :)


  1. Hi, use a HDMI->DVI adapter (about $5 US) and hook the Beagle Board up to a standard DVI monitor.

  2. @Eric , the problem around here is that DVI monitors are still not so popular and they cost quite a lot more than the ubiquitous VGA LCD monitors. So for BeagleBoard either you have to invest money for a new DVI monitor or use connection like VNC to display your screen using monitor of PC or Laptop.

  3. hi...i am trying to interface camera with Beagle board...the main objective is to acquire video and do image processing on the video...and later on displaying them on the monitor..

  4. hi can i get beagle board in hyderabad