Saturday, November 28, 2009

DSP CourseWare on HawkBoard ?

Designing a series of experiments for conducting Lab courses on what theory is taught in basic Signal Processing Courses like Signal and System , Digital Signal Processing , Speech Signal processing at IIIT-Hyd, seems a very interesting idea to me. Right now there is a complete lack of exposure to DSP Processor among students here and so it would be an achievement if we could take initiative to introduce and establish DSP Lab at IIIT and develop in house expertise in working with DSP Processor.

This would also lead students getting exposure to Embedded Linux and playing around with Linux kernel, creating Device Driver, compiling kernel yada yada ...

I clearly favour HawkBoard as the single Platform for such requirements. It has a Floating point DSP Processor and ARM9 core.These will be easier to deal at the beginners level as compared to ARM Cortex8 and Fixed Point DSP processor on Beagle Board. It is as important a fact that HawkBoard has VGA output(so good old Monitors will work with this) , Ethernet connector(an added advantage) and few more things.

But getting this done is quite a task. First of all I have to learn all what have been mentioned above coding for DSP processor to learning conecepts of Embedded Linux and kernels.
From that onwards, designing the experiments and getting the correct documentation is a very tedious task , which I learned the hard way while doing it for Embedded Hardware Design course.

I have posted this proposal for Early Adopters Scheme of Hawk Board. Hope to get one kit and start  the interesting journey with Hawk Board.

Btw Hawk Board seems to be available here. The price quote(including local taxes and shipping anywhere in India) I got is Rs 6240/- per Board. This is substantially more that $85 which was the initial estimate by Hawk Team, I hope it soon comes down.




  1. Hawkboard is a clear winner for me if I were to pick a hobbyist board/project. But I am stuck with Beagle. Hope to get a LCD soon :|

  2. @Alcy thats so true, but a few things still needs to be seen. One major short coming of HawkBoard wrt BeagleBoard is the less computing capability so say if we were to run an Image Processing task it would not be always feasible on HawkBoard, and the most important thing is community support which is unprecidented in BeagleBoard, hope that it grows to the same level for HawkBoard