Monday, May 18, 2009

ER evaluation went badly :(

So officially my second TAship(teaching assitanceship) came to an end after evaluating final projects of Embedded Robotics.
I feel a bit let down after the results were not very good , none of the groups were able to do half the tasks that were required to be done properly. Now I feel like whinning :( over it.

In contrast to first TAship of Electronics workshop where I felt very good and confident, this was quite if not totally opposite. This is in parts a failure of myself as a mentor and guide of students.

The main dilemma facing me is how to guide a student without spoon feeding him. Maybe one has to become a devil's agent to not allow things to get relaxed beyond the point required, administrative responsibilities also are not also a work that earn praises from students. Sometimes deadlines have to be struck to.

Maybe the failure was not providing sufficient components and sensors to students, which they were to buy themselves.

So many MAYBE's . How I hope someone would honestly tell me , if I was not alert enough about my duties, or I was not helpful enough or I was too optimistic or is it the also the fault of the students (as ER projects can't be completed in 5-6 days , considering electronics is a art or black magic !!! here )

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