Saturday, June 27, 2009

Restless...after the brief encounter

well as a person, i always assumed that there are something that I would never fall for even if I wanted , there are some temptations that will always remain at an arm's length from me even if i tried to indulge in them and even though how much I fantasize , some things will always never come true. So here I am writing this post to tell myself and someone else that some of these assumptions just ended in a bitter sweet way after that brief encounter.

I never thought that this situation that began just like so many other situation (which has loads of initial exitement then a sudden realization of reality) would have a different ending.

So here I am on the 4th day from that fateful meeting. I am just not being able to describe how I am feeling , totally restless and completely lonely and just thinking "ohh man , I just wish things were different, what if we could just say what we want to say , what if it would not have been too late, what if there was more time ".

I know very well that with time , it will all change back to the way it was. I will be back to normal and once more become a guy who thinks that some things in his life are controlled by destiny and there is no need to "take a chance". But this again is one more of my many assumptions which might as well be changed for ever and how i wish it would !!!

but I will remember it as a day on which I came so close and yet that proverbial adam's apple remained out of reach. this day has broken my inhibitions and things will never be the same.

I write this post not to drown and forgot my sorrows but to remember them and make it an unforgotable experience.

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